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  • Bumble Bee – Wei Jiang Robot Force M03 Battle Hornet

  • Bumblebee Hornet Warrior

  • Bumblebee oversize KO MPM03 Weijiang

  • Combo Grimlock LS05 + Optimus kim loại

  • Đặt trước Optimus Prime – Model Wizard M09 Fire Scorpion

  • Megatron Damaged (The Last Knight)



  • Optimus Prime Voyager Class

  • Optimus Prime W8606 Weijiang Black Apple

  • Optimus SS38 KO Oversize

  • Optimus Weijiang MPP10

  • VM-02 Megatron Cute Protector Commander

  • Wei Jiang – Legendary Warrior M06 (Grimlock)

  • Wei Jiang M04 Armed Cannon – Decepticons Brawl oversize.

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